mercredi 6 mai 2009

Petit entraînement

Petit entraînement de 30 minutes en fractionné ce 06/05/09, toujours en musique :

1. Kings of Leon : "The bucket" (Aha shake Heartbreak)
2. Kings of Leon : "Closer" (Only by the night)
3. The Arcade Fire : "Rebellion (lies)" (Funeral)
4. TV on the Radio : "Wolf like me" (Return to cookie mountain)
5. Cold war kids : "Hang me up to dry" (Robbers and cowards)
6. Queens of the Stone age : "Little sister" (Lullabies to paralyse)
7. Kaiser Chiefs : "I predict a riot" (Employment)
8. Vampire weekend : "Cape cod kwassa kwassa" (Vampire weekend)
9. Interpol : "The Heinrich maneuver" (Our love to admire)

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